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Personal Workstation and Sim Racing Cabinet for PC, PlayStation, Xbox

A Power Play Sim Rig is a Personal workstation and sim racing rig in one unit!  You've spent money on a PC that can power multiple monitors and VR, so why not use it for work and study too!

Tired of cheap, flexible, metal driving sim rigs?  Don't like the idea of having scaffolding in your living room?  Why not have a workstation and sim rig that is engineered furniture instead of offshore metal tubing or channel!

Designed and Made in Canada.

Custom engineered laminate personal workstation and gaming platform for sim racing!  Adjustable racing seat platform height.  Pedal platform, core body and steering wheel mount fully adjustable to suit 4' to racers over 6-1/2' tall!  Once assembled, all adjustments done without tools!  Wood core construction allows you to customize and easily add components, using common hardware (no welding required)!

Wheel, pedal and shifter mounts ready to accept common sim racing components, including

  • Logitech G25, G27, G29
  • Thrustmaster T300, T500, PC-TS, TGT, TH8A shifter, etc
  • Fanatec DD1/DD2, CS Elite and Clubsport wheels
  • GT Omega RS6, RS9, and XL seats

Easily customizable for other seat/wheel/pedal/shifter combinations.

Units are shipped flat packed with all necessary hardware, including 6mm hardware for wheel bases, pedal setups and shifters.


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