Workstation / Sim Rig - Design

All PowerPlaySimRigs are Workstation / Sim Rigs that are designed using 3D CAD, built and extensively tested in the real world. 

Designed for flat pack shipping, the workstation / sim rigs elements are assembled using the provided robust furniture hardware.  These elements, including seat platform, pedal platform, steering wheel mount and shifter table are user adjustable and can be locked in position by hand, using no tools with the included hand-nut kit.

The seat platform is sized to accommodate many sim racing seats and real racing seats.  The seat platform includes mounting holes for GT Omega and JAZ racing seats, and includes mounting hardware.  Do you have a different seat you'd like to use?  Easily drill your own holes to match your seat mounting.

Each workstation / sim rig includes custom cable management clips to wrangle the dozen+ cables in a rig with 1 or 3 monitors.

The PowerPlaySimRig is designed to give you the best of both worlds - Work and Play from home, using the same setup!