Workstation configuration

Change from Race Rig to Work Station in less than a minute!

1- Unplug wheel cables (for some wheel models like Thrustmaster TS-PC)
2 - Remove the 10mm hand-bolts securing wheel to plate
3 - Remove wheel assembly and set aside or attach steering wheel to shifter plate (shown below for G29)

4 - Set work station top in place (no need to remove most shifters!)
5 - Install provided 6mm hand-bolts into threaded inserts under worktop, but don't tighten yet

6 - Once all bolts installed, tighten by hand

7 - Adjust height and angle by adjusting wheel plate hand nuts
8 - Set keyboard and mouse on surface

Now adjust chair and get to work! (PS. practice your heel-toe throughout the day)

Reverse this procedure to get back to racing once the work day is done!